The Di Trapani Studio

The Di Trapani studio has been producing award-winning advertising, independent films and educational animation since 1990.

Laura Di Trapani, Director / Animator

I specialize in animation, photography and collage art for print, film, video, and web applications. The very talented associates* I work with provide additional drawn and cartoon styles as well as original music and sound effects for a wide range of techniques and looks.


2002- onward ho Freelance film maker for Children’s Workshop, Sesame Street Program. Flash animator for ‘Flying Rhino Studios’. Animation/storytelling instructor at Portland State University

1998- 2000 Lead Photoshop artist for Vinton production’s
Emmy Award winning ‘Gary and Mike’animated network sitcom.

1998-99 Stop Motion Animator for Chel White Films. Commercials: U.S. Postal Service, Fila Sneakers, Ortho products.
Children’s Television: HBO-‘A Little Curious’

1984-90 Lead Photo Cut-Out Animator for Blashfield and Associates Award winning Music Videos including: Talking Heads-‘And She Was’, Michael Jackson- ‘Leave Me Alone’, Paul Simon- Boy In A Bubble

Festivals and Awards


‘7 Cats’– Annecy International Film Festival, Da Vinci Days Festival 2003

‘Jungle Picnic’– Rochester International Film Festival 2003

‘The Letter X’– Selected for Adobe’s Demo Reel 2000

‘Cross Ties‘- Hiroshima, New York Film Festival, Ann Arbor,
Bellevue Art Museum, Black Maria-Director’s Citation 2000

‘Seabrook Wallcoverings’– Addy Award, Telly Silver 1999

‘Artists In Residence’– Nashville, Rochester, American Digital
Arts Festival 1999

‘I Think I Was an Alcoholic‘- Sundance , Annecy, Chicago,
Cinequest, Black Maria-Director’s Choice 1993

‘The Word is No’– Best of Sesame Street 20 Year Anniversay,
Museum of Modern Art 1989

*talented associates

Glow in the Dark Pictures
Tag Team Audio
Richard Moore

Di Trapani is a limited liability company